Thursday, December 31, 2009


So it's almost 2010 and I have to say 2009 had it's up and downs. Some moments that took my breath away and some moments that just could not get any worse. However, what's done is done and no one can go back to the past no matter how much we want to. Sure I regret some of the things I did in 2009, but all I can do is make sure I don't do it in 2010 or for the next 10 years for that matter. I hope that all of you live your life without regrets unlike me and just enjoy the small moments. Life is short. You never when your time is up. (RIP Brittany Murphy) As for my new years resolution, I plan to upgrade my wardrobe, become healthier, help other people, and do better in school. Wish me luck. What's your new years resolution(s)?-

- P.

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